Finding Ideal Materials For Your Roof

Is your roof giving you trouble? Leaking, mold, ugly spots on the wall and ceiling – if all this applies, then you need the help of a roofing company. Megapolis Roofing is offering four types of flat roofing systems which can prevent leaks and avoid damaging the structure of your building, reducing its lifespan.

Built up roofs

Made with gravel and tar, built up roofs consist of a minimum of 3 waterproof material plies along with hot tar and a coat of smooth river stones. They are quite heavy, but fire resistant and cheap.

Modified Bitumen roofs

Made with sheets of bitumen, reinforcements and modifiers, these types of roofs can be a fire hazard and are not quite as resistant as the next item on our list. On the other hand, it’s price is decent, it’s easy to install, and it reflects heat (saving you money on energy bills).

Rubber membrane roofs

Though a bit more expensive than the previous two, EPDM is a rubber with a reputation as a long-lasting roofing Toronto material. Resembling an inner tube, it also absorbs heat and is resistant to sunlight damage.

PVC/TPO single ply roofing

Called “cool roofs” by some, they are resistant to low and high temperatures, fire, impact and puncture, etc. They are widely used in roofing Toronto and are known to save energy.