Women Roofers Surpassing Their Hundredth Roof

To the Women Roofers of Rutherford County, their craft is just like an old-timey quilting bee, only with a lot more sweat and a bit more grit, on a work surface with a 26-degree pitch and an unforgiving edge.

The bonding and pride they feel hit a milestone the second weekend of July as they installed their hundredth roof on a Habitat for Humanity home in the Spindale community. That home is itself part of the ambitious 100-home SECU Mountains-to-the-Sea Challenge, in which Habitat for Humanity NC partners with Habitat affiliates throughout North Carolina, using a $10 million State Employees Credit Union Foundation grant to build a home in each of the state’s 100 counties.


Women Roofers was formed in 2002, says Nell Perry Bovender, out of sheer necessity when the only volunteers who showed up to repair a leaky roof were three women who looked at the job and simply decided to get to work. Bovender is coordinator of the Rutherford Housing Partnership, which matches volunteers to repairs needed by low-income homeowners. The group works closely with Habitat for Humanity.


“Roofing is the shared hands-on skill; our voices provide the intimacy, the laughter, the strength that has become the Women Roofers,” Bovender has written.

“They knew we could do the roofing jobs. Then we were sought out by Habitat” in Goldsboro, Pinehurst and other towns. “It was a novel idea to have that many women, all middle-aged and older.”

She hopes that publicity around the group’s 100th roof, combined with the expansiveness of the Mountains-to-the-Sea Challenge, will encourage younger people to get involved. Women Roofers of Rutherford Co. surpass hundredth roof :: WRAL.com