DIY Scheme for Roof-top Gardening

The Horticulture Department is in a state of preparedness to implement ‘Roof-top Gardening – Do it Yourself’ scheme in the district. The Urban Horticulture Development Scheme enabling city dwellers to grow vegetables in the available space in the open terraces in residential flats and individual houses entails provision of ‘Do It Yourself’ kit to grow vegetables and fruits without use of chemicals.

According to the Department, providing a platform to city dwellers to cultivate their own vegetables, dissemination of cultivation technology to urban people, and providing nutritional security constitute objectives of the scheme.

The potager garden kit would contain lightweight containers, hybrid seedlings, water soluble fertilizer, and bio pesticides and fungicides. The Department has started receiving applications from the urban residents. ‘Roof-top gardening-do it yourself’ scheme – TAMIL NADU – The Hindu