Withstanding All Elements Using Composite Roofing

Monier has reimagined roofing to inspire the creativity of Australia’s architects, designers, builders and families. Elemental celebrates Monier’s commitment to strength and beauty, combining modern materials and cutting-edge technology to achieve streamlined lightweight roofing.


The Elemental Series offers a refined selection of sizes and colours. Whether it’s the contemporary large Ultra Panel or unique Square Panel designed to complement contemporary low-pitch roofs, or the modern interpretation of classic shingle and slate, this range offers all the possibilities to re-imagine roofing.

The material is manufactured from an advanced fibre-reinforced engineered composite developed for the aerospace and automotive industries. Tested by CSIRO to Australian Building Standards (AS4046), the Monier Elemental Series is UV-resistant and boasts unprecedented strength. Composite roofing – Elemental Series by Monier Roofing – Selector