Roof Damage When Lightning Strikes

A lightning strike caused the chimney on St. Philip’s Catholic School to explode during storm on Tuesday morning.

Rev. Chuck Huck told the Pioneer he was in a meeting when he heard a “boom” at about 9:45 a.m. He heard about the chimney damage from a church member, he said.

“A parishioner came into the building, knocked on my door and said ‘Father, Father the chimney exploded, I saw it happen,’” Huck said.

No one was injured in the lightning strike; Huck said the school building was empty. Vibrations did cause children’s toys three floors below to start talking and making noises.

“Water is coming into the third floor classrooms,” Huck said. “So they’re up there repairing the brand new roof.”

An architect also worked to assess the best way to make repairs Tuesday. The cost of the damage was still being determined, but Mack said the church has insurance. Lightning strike causes damage to chimney, roof of St. Philip’s Catholic School | Bemidji Pioneer