Major School Roof Replacements

WOOD COUNTY, W.Va.-(WTAP) Students are now enjoying the summer off-but there’s still a lot going on at several buildings in Wood County Schools.

The biggest project is one that will go on for a couple of years in several buildings.

With the money it got from a bond issue passed last November, Wood County has begun the first of a series of school building roof repairs.

A total of 300,000 square feet of roof replacements are going on at several schools, including Blennerhassett Elementary and Middle School.

“When you have a roof warranty starting to run out in the 20-25 year area, we’re pressing our luck,” says Assistant Superintendent Mike Fling. “We’re excited to get these projects started, and next summer we will have another 300,000 square feet to get started on. We’re already working on the plans and designs for those schools as well.”

In the past, temporary roof repairs were done, at a cost of a $1 million a year. Major roof replacements at Wood County Schools set for this summer