DIY Painting For A Metal Roof

A freshly painted metal roof can increase ‘kerb appeal’.PHOTO: sourced

PAINTING a corrugated roof is a DIY job that can boost both the kerb appeal and value of your home.

The first thing to decide before painting your roof is what colour to use. You can buy specialist paints that are suitable for metal roofs in a wide range of colours, which means you can have just about any tint you like.

Like any other DIY job, painting your roof will go more smoothly if you make a few key choices first. In this case, you’ll want to think about the colour you choose.

Your roof colour can make a difference to everything, from the look and feel of your home to how well it retains or reflects heat.

Should I go for a light or dark colour?

The first thing to decide before painting your roof is what colour to use. If you choose a light paint colour for the roof, know that it will reflect sunlight, resulting in a more energy-efficient home. If your home tends to get uncomfortably hot during the warmer months, a light coloured roof will help keep it cool. If you opt for a darker shade of paint colour, the roof will absorb the heat. Your home will be warmer as a result. A little bit of individuality is great, but if you want to keep up good relationships with your neighbours, it’s a good idea to pick something that goes with the overall look of your street.

Which colour tint should I go for?

Once you’ve settled on a dark or light roof colour, you’ll want to think about the tint. For darker roofs you’ll find paint in shades of red, blue, green, grey and more. For lighter roofs think of paler hues such as light blue, peach or silver.

When it comes to painting, finding good quality products that won’t break the bank is important. Luckily, there are a lot of quality products on the market that don’t cost too much. Roof paint tends to cost around R850 to R1 000 per 20 litre drum depending on the quality chosen. – Supplied. Painting corrugated metal roof | News24