Repairing A Leaky Library Roof

After 20 years of leaking issues and flooding problems, repairs to the roof at Coffee County Lannom Library on North Collins Street are set to begin soon.

With books and records lost over the years and thousands of dollars in additional expenses caused by the roof problem, library employees say they are looking forward to saying “goodbye” to the buckets placed through the building to catch rain.

“Robert Gilliam, the maintenance director for the county, got the bids for us together for the type of roof he wanted put on the library, which is called a fabric-reinforced fluid-applied roof,” Farrar said.

During Thursday’s stormy weather, bookkeeper Ashley Eldridge and children’s librarian Leslie Warren swap out buckets below leaking areas in the ceiling at Coffee County Lannom Memorial Library. Coffee County has approved funds for the roof’s repairs.–Staff Photo by Chris Barstad

“So we put it out to bid, and we set up a meeting for the contractors,” Farrar said. “Three contractors showed up.” Motlow, George Dickel, Manchester, Bonnaroo, Coffee County, Winchester, Monteagle, Tims Ford, Beechcraft, Lynchburg, Exchange, A.E.D.C., Sign Dept.