Tragedy After School Roof Collapses

Two lifeguards are being credited with saving the lives of five children and preventing a tragedy after the roof of the George Jacobson Swim School in Schomberg, Ont., north of Toronto, collapsed Saturday afternoon.

A CityNews viewer says the two instructors noticed the roof had begun leaking around 2:45 p.m. This was about the same time as a storm was moving through the region, bringing with it heavy rain and hail.

As water began to flood into the pool area, the instructors acted quickly to evacuate the five children in the pool. Moments after the last child climbed out of the water and was taken away from the pool, the main supporting beam that held up the roof crashed into the water.

Shortly after the instructors confirmed that no other children were in the building, the rest of the complex collapsed. Tragedy averted when roof collapses at Schomberg swim school – CityNews