The Leading Performers for Roofing Panels Market

Technavio has published a new report on the global roofing panels market from 2017-2021.

Technavio has announced the top seven leading vendors in their recent global roofing panels market 2017-2021 report. This market research report also lists 70 other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.

According to the research analysis, the global roofing panels market is a highly-fragmented market. The industry requires local production as transportation costs account for a substantial portion of the total costs and the customers expect short delivery times. In addition, regional variances of products based on climatic conditions, building practices, and technology preferences have urged global roofing panels manufacturers to establish a strong local presence. Given the relatively heavy or bulky nature of most roofing panel products, global participation can be expensive because of transportation costs. Thus, even roofing manufacturers with a national reach, such as GAF, tend to operate through a network of locations rather than through a centralized production center.

“Customers in this market seek proven, and well-established products and materials under strong brand names with a long history of quality and expertise as long-term reliability are of crucial importance,” says Gaurav Mohindru, a lead analyst at Technavio for construction research.

The report also states that entry into the roofing panel industry is relatively easy, with low barriers in terms of capital, marketing, and technological requirements. The wide range of product types and applications in the industry also provides opportunities for smaller firms to find a profitable niche in the market. Top 7 Vendors in the Global Roofing Panels Market from 2017 to 2021: Technavio | Business Wire