A Retired Nun Gets A New Roof for Free

When it comes to doing something nice for someone, it is the small things that go a long way.

“I’m a strong believer in everybody seeing if somebody needs something,” Paddack said.

Linda is a former Catholic Nun, and a retired nurse, so fixing people’s bodies and souls is what she does best.

Her acts of kindness continue every day, especially with her moving in with her mom in order to take care of her.

But when she needed a hand, the folks with K and L Roofing were glad to steep in.

“What originally had happened was both her and her mom’s house were affected by the storms in April of last year,” Ryanne Moody with K&L Roofing said “and one insurance company offered to pay for one home and the other one was denied for a reason that we did not agree with, so we decided to fix her roof for free.”

Paddack added  “I was very embarrassed that I have to stand up right here and tell you things like this because random acts of kindness should be apart of life. It shouldn’t be anything really special.” Retired nun gets new roof thanks to Arlington roofer | CW33 NewsFix