Volunteering to Repair Roofs After Storm

In a June 5, 2017 photo, Anita Duran poses for a photo in her home in Carlsbad, N.M. Mission Carlsbad volunteers removed wood from the top of Anita Duran’s carport to initiate the organization’s first home improvement and repair project of the year. The volunteers not only fixed the roof and carport but restored confidence to the homeowner who worried that recent storms in the are would compromise her safety and the safety of her family. (DeJanay Booth/Carlsbad Current Argus via AP)

Mission Carlsbad volunteers Mason Estrada and Will Garza worked with a group of other young men for nine hours repairing the roof on Anita Duran’s home.

“It makes us realize that not everyone is blessed,” said Garza. “We’re grateful to help.”

“I appreciate these young people, volunteering their time, their effort. And no complaints,” Duran said. “I just can’t imagine how hot it is up there.”

“I always had to worry about when it (would rain), if it was going to cave in on us. It was scary to (not) know if your roof was going to hold up or not,” Duran said.

Duran said her family’s safety led her to apply — with a little help from her daughter, Tina Harkness — for assistance from Mission Carlsbad.

“When my kids come over, my grandkids, my great grand kids come over, I don’t want to worry about something happening to them,” Duran said. Carlsbad volunteers repair roofs after May hail storm | Artesia Daily Press