A Roof Design That Reduces Heat

The main canopy of Kompleks Islam Putrajaya with its decorative semi-vaulting steel structure making reference to the muqarnas. Photos: RSP Architects

As one drives towards Kompleks Islam Putrajaya, two things stand out: the intricate, lace-like facade screens, and curved arches forming a woven-like roof.

Housing the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim, Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia) offices, the project complements the Government’s vision of making Putrajaya the nation’s administration centre, bringing together all the religious agencies under the Prime Minister’s Office in one central location.

In terms of design, the built form represents a progressive force in Islam.

“The building is inspired by the parable of light in the Holy Quran, specifically in reference to ‘the light verse’ (An Nur 24:35) where the source of light is described as enclosed in crystal, illuminating like a brilliant star.

“It is from this description that the idea to form a dynamic architecture where light penetrates through and into the building is derived from,” says Hud Bakar, director at RSP Architects, via e-mail.

“The synergy between the essence of light, transparency, dynamism, strength, and growth are metaphorically translated into the buildings, which in turn become a statement, a landmark, and most importantly, a representation of Islam’s progressive image,” he adds. A building that reflects a progressive image through its design – Star2.com