Reviewing Designs And Using A Regular Pitched Roof

After viewing project design renderings provided by Chuck Reifsteck of Gorski-Reifsteck Architects in Champaign, the board approved the design and estimated cost not to exceed $31.4 million.

The project involves constructing a two-story addition on the east side of the existing Clara Peterson Elementary School building to replace the aging PBL Eastlawn School, which would be demolished once construction of the addition is complete in fall 2020. Second- and third-grade classrooms would be on the ground floor, while fourth- and fifth-grade classrooms would occupy the second floor. A new gymnasium would also be built, with the school’s current one becoming a media center.

On the outside of the school, a new drive would be built around the south and east sides for parents to drop off students. The bus drop-off along Franklin Street would be expanded to the entire length of the existing building. Students would gather in a commons area located in the middle section of the building before school and during lunch.

Reifsteck told the board that second-grade classrooms were originally going to stay in the existing building, but changes were made to relocate them to the new structure.

“We’re going from a low-profile building to a modern addition,” he said. “We’ll try to match the bricks in terms of color and texture.” Paxton-Buckley-Loda school board reviews design renderings | Paxton Record