One of the First Net-zero Commercial Buildings with Solar Roof

SAIT unveiled its new Green Building Technologies (GBT) Lab and Demonstration Centre, Calgary’s first net-zero energy commercial building.

To step into SAIT’s brand-new Green Building Technologies (GBT) Lab and Demonstration Centre is to step into the future – a future where buildings produce as much energy as they consume.

The hands-on research facility is Calgary’s first net-zero commercial building, meaning the energy it uses is roughly equivalent to what it produces. It produces most of its power through solar panels on the roof.

Students from multiple disciplines will have access to the latest green technology, renewable energy and climate-friendly building materials that will be part of everyday life someday – perhaps sooner rather than later, according to the general manager of the GBT research division at SAIT.

“I think this is an example of future buildings, today,” said David Silburn as he led a tour of the 590 square metre structure. “All buildings will eventually be zero-carbon and net zero-energy … (This) is a great way to teach our students on how to make those buildings that we we’ll need in 2030, 2050.”

Students from multiple disciplines helped design and build the centre, which features a solar and electric vehicle charging port outside near the main entrance. Inside, a living wall offers a breath of fresh air and a spacious kitchen overlooks the campus. SAIT shows off Calgary’s first net-zero commercial building | Metro Calgary