Five Storey Building with Functional Two-lane Road on Roof

Social media is going gaga over pictures of a functional public road on the roof of a five-storey building in China. The building located in Chongqing city in China has a two-lane road right on top of it.

The road runs over the entire building complex and is located in a hilly neighbourhood. The ground floor of the building has shops and the other floors of the building are used as parking lots. Chongqing, which has a population of 49 million, has taken an uncommon approach to urban space management. The city is well known for its flyovers and foot bridges that go as high as 13 floors, according to an NDTV report.

A netizen had recently clicked a picture of the building of the unique building with a road on top of it a few days ago from the rooftop of another building. The picture has since then gone viral on the internet in both China and the world. Apart from the strange building, the city is also known for a flyover complex which the UK’s Daily Mail calls the ‘most mind-boggling interchange’. The interchange complex has five layers of roads, the interchange also has 20 ramps and all these ramps face eight different directions, as reported in the Daily Mail.

If you think Chongqing is still not interesting enough then the city is also home to a railway station which is located between the sixth and eighth floor of a residential building. The railway station was made to go through a 19-storey residential building as the authorities did not want to destroy the building to make way for the station. Special equipment has been used so that the residents of the building are not disturbed by the noise of the railway station’s operations, Daily Mail reported. Five storey building in China has functional two-lane road on roof! – The Financial Express