Roof Improvements for Water Protection

The roof above the old administration building at the Water Protection Facility has been patched many times because of leaks that occur which create slippery and dirty conditions inside the facility.

“The roofs of the treatment plant are just older roofs and some of the roofs see heavier wear than you would expect of a roof because we have equipment on the roofs,” Clements said.

Roofs at the plant leak when it rains and cause water to stand inside of the buildings, making it difficult to clean and causing a possible slip hazard.

“All the roofs involved are leaking and have been leaking and have leaked for a year or two, so we’re just trying to get caught back up,” Clements said.

Work on the roofs was delayed due to work being done during the installation of ammonia removal systems.

If the ordinance passes, roofs will be completely removed down to the concrete roof deck and new insulation and a three-ply roof membrane system will be installed with a 20 year manufacturer and workmanship warranty.

The roof work was not included in the 2017 budget, but was taken into account for the 2017 sewer rate study, which determines how much rates will increase in order to cover operation and capital costs. Costly improvements coming to Water Protection | Local News |