A Translucent Roof Design for An Amphitheatre

OMA founder Rem Koolhaas and colleague David Gianotten have unveiled plans to create a reconfigurable amphitheatre topped by a translucent, floating roof for this year’s MPavilion in Melbourne.

The two architects plan to create a “theatre for ideas” in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens for the fourth edition of MPavilion, an annual commission billed as Australia’s answer to London’s Serpentine Pavilion.

This will comprise a circular performance space embedded into the park’s verdant landscape, with both seating elements and a roof that can be adapted to suit different activities.

Koolhaas wants the project to become a model for how architecture can act as a trigger for activity in a city, particularly in Australia, which he describes as “an almost perfect society, but lacking in intensity”.

“It’s not without ambition, it’s the kind of project that hopes to provoke a real discussion about what architecture can do in a context like Australia,” said the architect.

“We’re interested in treating this pavilion not just as an architectural object, but as something that injects intensity into a city and contributes to an ever-evolving culture.” OMA designs adaptable amphitheatre for fourth MPavilion in Melbourne