Waterproofing Solutions for Flat Roofs

Building a house is a long and involved process, and having a working knowledge of the steps between laying the first foundations and setting foot in the final product will allow you to better understand your expenses.


The more information you have, the more informed choices you can make to truly customise your experience, and help transform your house into a home. With this guide, Projex Group will take you through the process followed by construction companies encompassing planning, important milestones, technical knowledge, and the various phases of the build from the ground up.

Each builder will have a different timeline and scale for their projects; however, this guide should be able to tell you if you’re massively behind scale, or if there’s anything that hasn’t been done that really should be.

Before the first slab hits the ground, you will need to get the initial planning and preparation stages out of the way. Once you’ve purchased the land that you’ll be constructing upon, you’ll start budgeting and choosing your house plan. This is the time to decide what you truly need and want – now and in the future. If you want room to expand later, or put in a pool, a double garage, or a large window, you should be deciding this now rather than trying to retrofit it later.

Since concrete is not naturally waterproof, to provide this protection against moisture and termites most slabs will have a waterproofing membrane that extends about 100mm above soil height.

The reason that this waterproofing is so important is that many walls are constructed through excavation and backfill; quite often the surrounding soil must be re-filled past part of the height of the foundation after construction begins, so parts of them inevitably fall under the soil/ water level. By installing a membrane, you effectively seal the water below the surface as well as above it, preventing water from seeping into the porous underside. Foundation to the roof: The ultimate step by step guide to building a house | Architecture And Design