Fantastic Bedroom Designs with Roof Tiles

A bedmaker based in Londonderry has been making dreams come true for the children of celebrities.

The unique fantasy beds made by Fraser Anderson have caught the eye of former glamour model and entrepreneur Katie Price and nightclub owner Peter Stringfellow.

Both have commissioned the 48-year-old Scotsman to make spectacular ‘castle’ beds for their children.

Father-of-six Fraser was a high-end cabinet maker for Harrod’s before meeting his Derry-born wife and moving to the north west to set up Anderson’s Themes And Dreams, a business manufacturing kitchens and garden and bedroom furniture.

“We can make just about anything. We’ve done everything from indoor treehouses to full-size Transformer beds to themed castles. We have made villas complete with tiles on the roof. They are not super-expensive,” he said. Northern Ireland bedmaker’s fantastic designs guarantee sweet dreams for stars’ children –