Putting Solar on A Flat Roof

It’s time to Solarize your home. That’s the message from the Philadelphia Energy Authority, which is kicking off a solar energy sign up period on Saturday.

The more homeowners who take part in Solarize Philly, the deeper the discount for each household. That’s the message from Emily Shapira, executive director of the Philadelphia Energy Authority.

“The price of solar has totally dropped by about 75% in the last few years,” she said. “It’s changed so much, that really we think that solar is at cost parity essentially with what you are paying for electricity.”

“It also used to be true that you couldn’t put solar on a flat roof, all of that has changed. There’s new technology out there that follows the sun, that can face any direction and still get the sunlight that’s available, so Philadelphia now has more solar potential than it’s ever had,” she said. Philadelphia Energy Authority Wants To Solarize Your Home « CBS Philly