A Beautiful Home Design with Sloped Roofs

“Once my house became a home, happiness walked in,” said Dr Beena, her face a picture of pride. Her 4,200 sq ft dream home is as beautiful as a dream. It’s an unbelievably rare combination of aesthetics, imagination, professionalism and opulence.


The place is Paravoor, resonant with the history of Muziris. The house stands close to the heritage church Kottakkavu Palli and the ancient market place. The doctor couple, Justin and Beena, built their house a plot away from the main road, just enough to stay away from prying eyes and a madding crowd.

The elevation stands on an 8.7 cents linear rectangular plot. As the frontage afforded only 15 meters in length, needless experiments to make the house look impressive were avoided. The exterior is curious enough.

Two sloped roofs, horizontal and vertical elements, earthy hues and an offbeat car porch are what catch the eye as you walk in.

The couple who were all for big, joint families asked the architect to design the house in such a way that it could accommodate a lot of people, always. To architect Surya Prashanth goes the credit of designing a house that holds visual magic, practical utility and money’s worth. The effect is mesmerizing with the wow effect getting louder with each step.

The house was built in three grids in an open style as per demand. The sloping roofs have been done in MS Steel sections with HPL sheets for cladding. The earthy tones highlight the elevation. The white walls, wood finish and the vertical lines for windows stand out. The curved-roof car porch stands on steel columns holding it from inside. Galvalium sheets cover the porch. As the house is close to the market, the compound walls have been built high for privacy. Considering the limited land area, landscaping is pretty minimal. However, the planter boxes, vertical plants and horizontal shera boards compensate for the lack of garden expanse. All elements of nature meet at this Paravoor home | Home | Paravur | hopme style | home serena