A Citywide Crackdown on Office Tower Roof Terraces

Big Apple real-estate developers and landlords are raising the roof over a citywide crackdown on office tower roof terraces — which have recently become the must-have amenity for tenants.

Major new projects around town are imperiled or are being delayed by a bizarre, “out of left field” interpretation by the Department of Buildings of 1961 zoning language that was only intended to stop a proliferation of outdoor flea markets, multiple sources told The Post.

The 56-year-old zoning code stated that “all uses must be contained within enclosed buildings.”

Although hundreds of office buildings around town have long had tenant-accessible terraces, DOB examiners are now interpreting that to mean that outdoor spaces — whether on building tops or on setbacks — can be used only for trees and plants, not by people.

Among many highly visible locations where new terraces are to be created, the Durst Organization plans to add roof and setback terraces to 1155 Sixth Ave. as part of a $110 million improvements program. City cracks down on office roof terraces | New York Post