Making Roof of the Year Aspirational Design A Reality

Marley Eternit’s Acme Double Camber clay plain tiles have enabled a standout visionary design to become a reality on a bespoke two bedroom property in rural Gloucestershire, which has won ‘Roof of the Year’ at the NFRC Awards.

The home showcases the highest standards of roofing expertise to create a striking and seamless curving roof finish.

Quintain House features a bespoke flowing roof design, and is one of less than 100 homes over the past 15 years to have met the stringent standards for the National Planning Policy Framework Paragraph 55, which allows for construction of buildings of ‘exceptional quality or innovative nature in design’.

The fluidity of the roof design at Quintain House disguises the need for a highly complex roofing sub structure, a testing brief which saw roofing contractor, Rowlands Roofing, specify Marley Eternit’s Acme Double Camber clay plain tiles. With its longitudinal and latitudinal camber, the clay tile’s unique double curve was the ideal choice to create the highly textured roofscape the project sought.

To match the fluidity of the roof, each batten had to be precisely cut to give the contractors the ability to curve and bend the wood batten. Entire lengths of batten were reduced from 25mm thickness down to 13mm/12mm/9mm/8mm to promote the bending effect. Rowlands Roofing then layered the ‘thinner’ battens on top of each other to provide the necessary height required, providing the perfect foundation for the clay tile covering. Marley Eternit tiles help make Roof of the Year aspirational design a reality | Specification Online