A Building with Solar Chimneys that Exhaust Air at the Roof

Outfitted with physical and biological sciences laboratories, classrooms, and administration offices, the description ‘multipurpose’ is inadequate.  Special functions include a cafeteria, indoor basketball court, exercise gymnasium, and an auditorium seating 500 people. Large ground level plazas and upper terraces provide ample opportunity to celebrate indoor and outdoor activities in Bogotá’s mild climate.

The most prominent feature of the building is the McDonough-designed WonderFrame™ shade structure, a perpetually reusable/recyclable space-frame-like fabrication. The WonderFrame innovation was originally built as a pavilion during the 2016 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Known as the ICEhouse™ (ICE = Innovation for the Circular Economy), the structure was rebuilt in 2017 as an official meeting space in Davos, and will return in this capacity again in 2018.

Natural ventilation for the new building will be aided through solar chimneys, which draw air through the building and exhaust it at the roof. Operable windows will be featured on all facades. The building will be one of the first to implement a new Verification Protocol for Engineered Natural Ventilation Systems in Equatorial Climates, developed by Bogotá-based environmental engineering consultants (and design team members) for the Colombia Green Building Council to standardize the use of natural ventilation as a LEED energy effectiveness strategy. This new protocol has been accepted by the U.S. Green Building Council as an Alternative Compliance Path toward the achievement of energy credits within the LEED rating system. Architects William McDonough + Partners and Universidad EAN Announce Project Legacy: Cradle to Cradle® Design Embraced in Colombia | Markets Insider