Multi-million Dollar Rehabilitation On Track of Aging Blocks and A Multi-faceted Roof

City hall’s $34-million historic rehabilitation project is on track, now focusing on a detailed, nitty-gritty restoration to more than 55,000 aging sandstone blocks and a multi-faceted roof.

“In between every sandstone block, we have been taking out any mortar that is deteriorating and just making sure it has the structural integrity it needs,” said Darrel Bell, city manager of facility infrastructure.

“Some of that mortar could date back to the last project in the 1980s, or all the way back to when it was built in 1910.”

Bell said after a significant amount of work this summer, up to 80 per cent of the sandstone blocks have been “treated” with repairs, where they’ve either received a bit of cleaning, “they’ve been taken out, turned around and put back in,” or they are unrepairable and they’ve been completely replaced.

Major work has also recently begun on the building’s aging roof, made of several different types of material from metal tile, to clay tile, to timber. Multi-million dollar rehabilitation of aging Calgary city hall on track | Calgar