A Single-story Unit with Flat and Pitched Roof Sections

Bring together a group of fire service professionals and the term “public- private partnership” is not one you are likely to hear tossed around. The concept is often reserved for infrastructure projects like detention centers, highways, and the occasional fire station.

The single-story unit has both flat and pitched roof sections with parapet walls and areas for forced-entry training on the ground. The MAAC has a flashover chamber where fire behavior can be seen three feet below the fire room. There is a separate two-story live-burn building that has three burn areas and multiple access points. But what catches your eye as soon as you set foot on the MAAC is the four-story training building.

This unit’s first two floors are configured to replicate two apartment styles. In addition to hose advancement, search and rescue and ground ladder evolutions, instructors can also use it to teach confined space rescue, aerial positioning, standpipe use and rope rescue.
How to Build a Firefighter Training Facility with Private, Public Money – Fire Engineering