3 Elements of a Reliable Flat Roof

When installing or repairing a commercial or industrial flat roof it is important to know what exactly contributes to a good flat roof. With several factors, a flat roof can have a long lifespan and serve well for decades. Of course, as with any aspect of a building a roof requires check-ups and regular maintenance service. But besides that, here are several factors to consider so you get the most out of your flat roof investment.

  1. Quality Workmanship: This is the most important factor in the making of a good flat roof. Even with all the best materials a flat roof will not serve if the installation is not professional. Going with a reliable flat roofing contractor is essential in flat roof repair or installation especially in large scale jobs in commercial or industrial units. With good quality work you will get the most out of your flat roof and avoid problems resulting from a botched job such as uneven or non-watertight seams.
  2. Waterproofing: With your flat roof in reliable hands the next factor is a water proof membrane. This means a membrane that will be at a slight inclination that will allow water to run off and drain instead of pooling, and will be watertight to prevent leakage.
  3. Sturdy Foundation: This is what your flat roof will, literally, rest upon. Not only does the foundation need to be adequate in order to support the flat roof itself but also anything that will go on it, such as solar panels, patio furniture, vegetation, etc. Insulation must also be well ventilated to prevent moisture from getting trapped and ruining the roofing system.

With these three factors in mind you are ready to start choosing the materials ideal for your flat roofing needs.