The Advantages of a Commercial or Industrial Flat Roof

Flat roofing is a popular option for industrial and commercial buildings compared to sloped roofs. The advantages outweigh the cons, making flat roofs increasingly popular in the roofing industry. This is actually for several reasons, which this article will detail below in order to help you make the right choice in selecting roofing for your building.

The Advantages

  1. Easy and Affordable Installation: This reason alone is convincing enough for a lot of customers. This is due to the materials that are used, they are more affordable. Repairs and replacement also takes considerably less time compared to sloped roofs.
  2. More Accessible: This is especially a plus when it comes to maintenance and making use of your flat roof space. Cleaning gutters and regular check-ups can extend your roof’s lifetime, so easy access will ultimately save you trouble and expense.
  3. Wind Resistance: Flat roofs are less likely to get damaged in storms or in high winds due to the fact that they offer less surface area that resists the wind. Sloped roofs face the wind directly while flat roofs let it pass over.
  4. Useful Space: Flat roofs offer another level available for use on a building whether this is for installing solar panels, storage, recreational use, or for green space.
  5. Efficiency: Flat roofs create less air space inside a building, compared to the space under a sloped roof, which means you will cut down on heating and cooling costs.

For these reasons, flat roofs are the roof of choice nowadays for commercial and industrial buildings. Their efficiency, affordability and long lifetime make them a great alternative to sloped roofing and can save you money and hassle.