4 Terrifying Consequences Of A Roof Leak

Water leak is the silent enemy of your roof system, and its consequences can be downright scary. Water can pond on the roof’s surface, intrude through cracks or crevices, or force its way in from clogged drains or downspouts. It pays to maintain a watertight roof. Failing to perform routine roof maintenance and inspections, or delaying obvious repairs can lead to the following fearful fallouts.

Slips and Falls

Water from roof leaks can cause structure damage to interior walls and ceilings, and create hazardous working conditions like wet floors that lead to slip-and-fall incidents involving employees or customers.


Wet insulation is also a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. The result is foul-smelling, sickness-inducing air quality, as well as complaints from building occupants and possibly code violations.


Cockroaches and other insects thrive on moisture and can infest a building that’s experiencing wet insulation from a roof leak. Outside the building, ponding water on a roof can also be a feeding source that attracts six-legged visitors.

High Utility Bills

Once insulation gets wet, it goes from being an insulator saving you money to a conductor costing you money. Energy losses caused by thermal resistance even from minor leaks can be as much as 70 percent, according to the research.

Even a small roof leak can lead to significant damage. The key is to catch them – and fix them – early and immediately. Any commercial roofer you hire to fix an obvious leak should also be looking for, and addressing other problem areas that are clearly apparent. If you suspect you have a roof leak, contact our technician today to schedule a service call.