Interesting Green Roofs Ideas On Commercial Buildings

Setting up a green roofs on the top of your commercial building can bring more than aesthetic appeal. Green roofs and landscaping done on roofs is becoming very popular for commercial buildings. Between the environmental savings, energy savings and aesthetic appeal, it is easy to see why installing a green vegetative roof is becoming the popular choice for many businesses. Green roofs can be used in a number of interesting ways.

Grow A Garden

You may turn your roof top into a sustainable garden. You can grow organic vegetables that can be used by the food service provider located in the building. That isn’t all, though. Some roofs can be turned in a beautiful calming grass and plants areas separated by a “river” of blue glass pavers. Green roof area can have species that adapts to the city’s environment, and irrigation system moisture sensors can be used to determine when watering is necessary. This rooftop plaza can be used as rest area or as an unique place to hosts local events.

Get Meeting & Exercise Space

Research has shown that employees who can get up and move throughout the day are more productive, and Facebook’s headquarters took that research to heart. Their nine-acre garden features more than 350 trees and about 100,000 shrubs, which are planted in wells dug into foam to control growth and prevent roots from digging into the roof. Their green vegetative roof includes a walking loop, several benches for relaxing and a meeting space.

Create Storm Water Runoff

When a library in the Cedar Rapids, USA was damaged by flooding, the city decided to rebuild the roof with excess storm water in mind. The 24,000-square-foot green vegetative roof includes plenty of vegetation that helps to absorb rainwaters. An integrated system uses two 5,000-gallon cisterns to collect water and send it to the vegetation. The roof uses hardy plants that survive in the extreme summer heat and frigid winter temperatures, and waterproofing membranes under the vegetation ensures protection for the roof.

The ways in which a green vegetative roof can be used are practically endless. With a bit of creativity, you can make your commercial property more functional and more beautiful by having a green roof installed.