How To Win Customers And Start A Service Job

Today we will talk about what it takes to have a successful service and maintenance program and the importance of professionalism and quality work. The difference between a good and bad contractor is how they take care of problems. By creating a strong service and maintenance program, you can stay in front of problems yearly while building very strong relationships. Everyone will have problems but it is how you take care of it that matters.

1. Use products that the manufacturer will stand behind.
There will be problems. It is critical to build a team, including your manufacturers, who will take care of problems that may arise. The product is important because you want very few, if any, call backs and never due to product issues. It is all about taking care of your customers and a big part of that is the quality of your product and follow-through.

2. Use existing client base and offer a yearly or semi-yearly roof inspection.
By explaining what needs to be checked yearly and then performing highly professional inspections, your one time re-roof customers become your ongoing yearly customers.

3. Create a report that offers documentation and pictures along with recommendations.
Take the time to create professional forms, photo reporting and overall documentation that facility managers can use to highlight the condition of the roof and needed repairs. It allows them to begin budgeting for potential re-roofing projects and ongoing maintenance.

4. If it doesn’t need anything, that is ok, be truthful and the referrals will flow in.
It is all about integrity and building long-term relationships. Honesty about the current condition of the roof will create trust. In the long run, that is how you keep good customers and get referrals for new customers.

5. Think about grading the roof.
By applying a 1-5 scale for conditions on the roof, it makes it easier for property owners with multiple buildings to understand how the different roofs compare. They can begin prioritizing. Be sure to remain consistent with the grading so that the facility manager can easily understand and explain the current condition of the roofs. It also helps in their planning process for future repairs or replacement.

6. There are many ways to solve problems so offer repair, maintenance and re-roof budget options.
Be a problem solver. Your company has already provided quality re-roofing services, now provide quality repair or maintenance solutions. If the building owner has a good honest report, then they can act on it and make it fit the budget and timeline. This way they are not surprised, making everyone happy.

7. Relationships – know your manufacturer and know the products.
Work with every customer to make sure they have the training, knowledge and expertise for success. It makes a difference when you work closely with your manufacturer and can provide the right products and protection for every job.