What Is Radius Metal Roofing Systems

There are different types of roof shape and one of it is a Radius Roof. This is a curved portion of the roof that required metal radius roofing panels. Radius roofing panels are curved from one end of the panel to the other, to fit the shape and contour of the roof.

Radius roof panels are made by running a steel coil through a panel machine. An interesting part of this process is that the panels are 46 feet long and usually takes several men to control the panels as they run through the machine.

Once the panels are ready, then they are run through another machine that does the curving. The trickiest part of curving the panels is figuring the exact radius. For the average size roof this takes almost as long as running the panels. Then curved panels lifted to the top of the building and screwed down every 2 to 3 feet. After securing the panels, seams are manually closed with a special tool.

As you can see, these radius metal roof installations are quite the process. The entire roof is designed and installed to fit the contour and size of the roof. An entire crew is necessary just to manufacture the panels, not to mention the crane and specialty tools used to install the final product.