Shop Fabricated Vs Pre-Manufactured Metal Roof Edge

When specifying a metal roof, the question of which metal roof edge is better will often be asked. Specifiers and contractors must decide between using a local sheet metal shop or purchasing a pre-manufactured system.

Often there is a perception that a local shop will have a lower cost and faster lead time. Pre-manufactured systems on the other hand can save a significant amount of labor in the field. They also have been tested and carry manufacturer’s warranties where shop-fabricated edges don’t offer those benefits.

While many shops can produce a roof edge within a few days, there are manufacturers offering express systems that can often be delivered in a week or two. Pre-manufactured systems can often account for more variances in field conditions so the measurements can occur sooner than with shop-fabricated edges. Take all those factors into consideration and the pre-manufactured system often winds up being less costly and arrives at the job site faster.

Metal edges are more than just an aesthetic finish to a new roof, they literally hold the roof in place. A recent Factory Mutual study found that 60-percent of all roof failures occur because the roof edge was inadequate. Most pre-manufactured systems are tested to ensure that they can withstand the calculated winds on the project where they are used.

The answer to this looming question is to weigh all the options and consider all the facts before defaulting to shop-fabricated materials. Pre-manufactured systems could be just the right fit for your project in performance and labor savings.