Nailing Affects The Performance Of Roofing Shingles

Proper nailing is essential to the performance of asphalt shingles. In this blog we provides guidance on achieving the perfect nailing on an installation. Here is installation guidelines to ensure proper nailing and uniform installation of its shingles. They include:

– Minimum, normal shank diameter of 11 or 12 gauge with a minimum 3/8“ head diameter
– Nail length must be a minimum 1 ¼” long; when covering over a roof a length of 2” is recommended
– Use electrogalvanized roofing nails which are more resistant to corrosion
– Nails should penetrate ¾” into the roof deck
It’s important to drive nails by hand or with a properly adjusted nail gun. If the nail gun is not adjusted correctly it can lead to over or underdriven nails resulting in corrosion, buckling, and risk of blow-offs. If a nail is incorrectly driven, it should be immediately corrected. Fixing and under-driven nail can be done by simply tapping it down to the correct depth. In the case of crooked or over-driven nails, the nail must be remove and the hole repaired with roof cement. A new nail should be driven in a spot nearby, but not in the same hole. If repair is not possible, replace the entire shingle.

Nail placement should never be closer than once inch from the edge of a shingle and the nails should never be in a place where they will be visible or exposed to weather. Proper placement ensures maximum performance on each roof.