Attic Ventilation During The Winter

It is already snowing in Toronto and now is the time to think about winter and properly ventilating attic space. The freezing weather is on its way, so be sure to provide ridge ventilation that will protect your home and businesses for many winters to come.

We don’t have to forget that the proper attic ventilation is to allow moisture to escape from the attic. Before you know it, temperatures will be dipping below 10-degree Celsius which is accompanied by condensation moisture inside the attic.

Two to four gallons of water vapor are introduced into the average home every day from cooking, laundry and bathing. Carried upward through the building materials, the moisture in the air can become trapped in the attic. Proper attic ventilation allows air to flow through the attic so the moisture is carried out and drier air is allowed to flow into the space.

Excess moisture absorbed into the roof deck sheathing can reach the point that the materials swell and buckle. The water can also rot the deck over time which reduces the load carrying capacity. And for added insult, condensation moisture dripping onto attic insulation dramatically reduces the R-value so the home loses heat more quickly than normal. The building occupants suffer higher heating costs.