Hail Causes Millions Of Dollars In Property Damage Each Year

A significant amount of that damage is to residential buildings, primarily a roofing system which includes home gutter systems. One of the most recent hail storms happened last July in Toronto, when the storm rolled through the North York hammering down onto windows in homes, businesses and cars. Other damage included broken siding and roofing damage. Anytime a roof has hail damage, one should assume the gutters are damaged too. Most gutters are aluminum and, as much as they are made to withstand rain, snow and ice, falling hail that exerts enough pressure to break a car window or dent a shingle can dent a gutter.

Don’t Neglect Gutter Damage

Even the leading roofing brands and top-rated gutter guards can be damaged as a result of hail, but insurance policies generally cover hail damage. If you suspect your customer’s home sustained damage from a hailstorm, be sure to direct them to contact their insurance company before making any repairs. If your property insurance does not cover hail storm damage, be sure to contact Megapolis Roofing to fix the damage. Contact us directly for the fast and professional help!