Signals When The Roof Might Be Due For Replacement

The roof suffer damage from many sources, like heavy snow, rain, strong wind and heat. Over the time the roof becomes weak and needs to be replaced. The following signals will indicate you when its time for a roof replacement. Most building owners are unaware of these signals and neglect the issue. This can results in the roof collapse and personal injury or even death of the building residents. When looking for the signs of the roof replacement consider the following:

Signs of Aging Shingles or Materials
Roof materials cannot last forever. After a while, you will see some fading of the shingles or any other roofing material that you have used. For example, with a shingle roof you may see shingles breaking over time, water leakage, cracking on the roof, etc. You need to keep track of the time the latest roof was installed or any other work done, and to be aware of the life expectancy of their roof.

Roof Valleys
Melting snow and rainwater is routed to the gutter system through the roof valley, to protect the integrity of the structure from water damage. Over time you may see these valleys crack and fail to divert water to the gutters, resulting in significant damage. Like roofing materials, these valleys deteriorate over time and may indicate the need for whole roof replacement.

Increase Home Value
Replacing your roof can give your homes or building a new look, that will boost the property value. Re-roofing can help you increase the selling price of your building with a very high return on investment.

Granules Are a Bad Sign
Granules are the result of roof shingles crumbling. The granules can be founded in the gutters which meet the roof valleys. Darker or irregular color of the roof shingles also indicates the granulation of the shingles. This will eventually create problems such as roof leakage and will require a roof replacement.

Leakage and Cracks
As roofing ages, leaks and cracks may proliferate, and can also accelerate granulation. While temporary repairs may work for a short period of time, more permanent solutions such as underlayment and membranes will offer a much more long lasting and less problem-prone roof.