The Problems That Result From Not Cleaning Roof Gutters

Your gutters are an important part of your roofing system. They benefit your home in many ways and when they’re not clean, your home can sustain damage from the roof to the foundation. Here are some of the problems that can result from clogged and dirty gutters.

#1 Roof Damage
Standing water can cause shingles to deteriorate. It can also penetrate the roof deck, saturate insulation and cause water damage to ceilings and walls.

#2 Soffit & Fascia Rot
Soffit and fascia receive double damage: first from the added weight of standing water, then from direct water damage.

#3 Ice
Gutter problems multiply when temperatures drop because clogs increase the risk of ice dams and ice buildup.

#4 Water Damage
Frequent contact with water can damage the exterior of your home – everything from trim and siding to window and door frames.

#5 Foundation Issues
Saturated soil exerts a lot of pressure on your foundation. Over time, this can cause cracking settling or shifting.

#6 Flooded Basement
Gutters are one of the first things inspectors check when homeowners report water in their basements.

#7 Landscape Damage
Overflowing gutters can do a number on landscaping, from damage plants to severe soil erosion.

#8 Driveway Damage
Saturated soil can also damage driveways and sidewalks, posing a hazard to people and vehicles.

#9 Pest Problems
Clogged gutters mean standing water, which attracts mosquitoes and other insects as well as the pests that feed on them.

#10 Algae & Moss
Wet gutters encourage the growth of algae and moss which not only looks bad but can cause damage to a roofing system.

Did You Know?
Here’s how much it would typically cost to fix some of these potential problems:

  • Basement flood restoration: $2,000
  • Foundation repair: $5,000- $7,000
  • General water damage: $450 – $7,000
  • Pest control: $50 – $1,200
  • Roof repair: $500 – $1,750
  • Roof replacement: $6,000

Neglecting your gutters can cost you a small fortune. The best way to avoid these problems is to have them cleaned on a regular basis.