Commercial Flat Roofing In Whitby

Commercial Flat Roofing Contractors in Whitby

Are you a business with commercial or industrial buildings in Whitby? Look no further for any of your flat roofing needs. At Megapolis Roofing Inc. we are committed to providing you with detailed workmanship, affordable prices, and heavy-duty materials. We can do everything from the smallest repair, to a largescale multi-building installation. Our company has a reputation for completing projects quickly, without compromising on the integrity of our final product.

Types of Flat Roofing Materials

Innovations in science and technology have vastly improved the quality of available flat roofing materials. Even within the last decade, materials have become lighter, more durable, and lower priced. This means that replacing a flat roof is cheaper and better than ever.

Now, more than ever before, flat roofing materials can help reduce energy costs, and provide better protection.

At Megapolis Roofing Inc., we provide you with a choice of flat roofing materials to best suit your needs:

  • Metal Roofing (Economical)- This option is reasonably permanent, weather-proof, and fire-resistant. It also helps lower the cost of air conditioning.
  • Single Ply EPDM (Popular): This material is well-liked because of its dual properties of being both flexible and durable. It is also quite resistant to damage, and generally lasts between 12-25 years.
  • Four Ply Built-Up/BUR (Traditional)- BUR has been in use for many years, and is a favourite of many builders. This is because it has proven to be hard to damage, therefore requiring little maintenance.
  • Double Ply Modified Bitumen (Weather-Resistant): This tear-resistant material is ideal for those in areas that suffer from extreme temperatures and climate fluctuations. It lasts for around 10 years.
  • Single Ply PVC and TPO (Durable): These materials are lightweight yet heavy duty. They can last for 30-50 years, making them a very affordable option.


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Get a free quote for any of your flat roofing needs! We can help you with installations, replacements, maintenance, inspections, assessments and more. We also have an emergency hotline that you can call 24/7 on 365 days of the year. Our number is 416-408-0011. If you’re planning for the future, you can also use our contract enquiry form and we will get back to you shortly.

What Makes Megapolis Roofing Inc. Different

Flat roofing is our specialty, but we know everything about it. Unlike other general roofing companies, we are experts in our field. We spot problems early on, provide professional advice, and use the best materials on the market. We are also fully licensed and follow all Ontario Building Codes.

You can rest easy knowing that your flat roof and business are in good hands.