About Us

We are fully insured and licensed flat roofing company in Toronto specializing in commercial and industrial flat roof installation and repairs. We have extensive knowledge and experience to make any project run smooth and finish on time.


Roofs come in as many shapes as the houses they cover, so don’t expect all roofing companies in Toronto to handle your type of roof. We specialize in flat roof works so we know for sure what exactly needs to be done.

Experience & Planning

We’ve been doing this for many years and know all the tricks. We make sure we fully understand your requirements before the work begins. You will be given a detailed explanation of how we plan on building or repairing your roof to prevent potential problems. After all, as professionals we follow a plan.


This is quite basic, but you must make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate business run by someone with a history in this field. Unlicensed repairmen and jacks-of-all-trades may be cheaper, but there’s a reason they don’t offer warranties. Megapolis Roofing possesses all the required licenses, certifications and experience. We can guarantee the job will be in accordance to all Ontario Safety regulations and Building Codes.


If the quality of the company’s work is as high as it claims it is, providing an extra assurance shouldn’t be a problem. At Megalopolis Roofing our roofs are waterproof and designed to last for as long as you need them. We give warranty to all our works.


We have a 5 million liability insurance coverage and give a Notice of Project to the Ministry of Labour prior to starting any roofing project. Besides that, all our workers are WSIB insured.