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24 Hour Emergency Service

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At Megapolis Roofing we know that when there is a flat roof emergency it needs to be fixed straight away! For all of your emergency needs we provide flat roofing repairs any time of day all year round for industrial and commercial buildings.

Unexpected Damage

Most people do not even know their roof is damaged until it is too late. A bout of harsh weather can be the final blow to a roofing system that has cracks or broken seals, causing a leak or other forms of emergency such as roof collapse. Weather, debris left over from construction and seasonal changes may all over time deteriorate and damage the roofing system without your notice.


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24/7 Response 365 Days a Year

Our emergency 24 hour response makes it easy for you to get help in any roofing leaking problem!



Fixing the Problem

Whenever an emergency occurs, our professionals are prepared to help and to quickly and efficiently resolve the problem. Do not leave your roof in critical condition, as this can be potentially dangerous not only to the overall stability of the building but is also a hazard to the people inside. It is necessary to make repairs right away.

Emergency Prevention

Roofing emergencies can be prevented by regular check-ups and seasonal maintenance. Not only does this help maintain the good condition of the roof by clearing seasonal hazards to the roofing system such as snow and leaves, but monthly maintenance will also notice any small flaws that can grow into big problems. In the long run this can save a lot of money by avoiding expensive repairs and roof replacement, along with preventing the stress of an emergency.