Skylights Installing

Skylights Installation

Skylights are a great way to create more natural light in a building that has few or smaller windows. Installing a skylight in a flat roof is possible, but requires professional expertise as it is not the same as installing one in a sloped roof. To ensure that your skylight serves you well and long, we take extra care in skylight installation.

During the installation process a hole is cut in the roof according to the size of the skylight. The skylight is then framed and installed. It is then insulated to prevent heat loss and condensation. To prevent leaking in the future, we make sure every crevice is sealed properly and securely along the perimeter. Using a waterproof sealant, the installed skylight is made water tight.


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Brighten up your space by a installing a new skylight with Megapolis Roofing.


If you have a skylight in your commercial or industrial flat roof and there is a leak, the skylight may be its source. With a flat roof inspection our experts can easily examine and pinpoint what is causing the problem. Once it is determined what the problem is, we will continue on to make the necessary repairs. In the case of a skylight, we can correctly seal and insulate it, or if it is damaged beyond repair we can install a new one.

Whatever your need may be, whether to repair a faulty skylight or if you are looking to brighten up your space by a installing a new one, we can assure you we at Megapolis Flat Roofing have got you covered – literally!