Flat Roof Maintenance

Flat Roof Maintenance

Regular roof maintenance is vital for the overall functionality and well-being of a building. Not only does maintenance prevent potential costly damage but it also preserves the roof warranty and can ensure the roof lasts a lot longer than it otherwise would, saving you a lot of money!

Our flat roof inspections are available in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual intervals.
Emergency flat roof repairs are also available 24/7, 365 days.


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Regular check-ups can identity a roof problem in its beginning stages, such as evidence of cracking and staining on the inside of the building.

Estimated Roof Maintenance Price Table

Roof Size1 Year Term2 Year Term
10,000 Sq.Feet$83 a Month$66 a Month
25,000 Sq. Feet$145 a Month$125 a Month
50,000 Sq. Feet$245 a Month$215 a Month
over 50,000 Sq. FeetRequest a QuoteRequest a Quote

Procedures Carried Out Year Round

Additional procedures throughout all seasons include patching up holes in the membrane, identifying areas of moisture within the roofing system, inspections of skylights, HVAC units, walkways, ladders and sealants, ensuring that welding has been correctly done, inspections of proper distribution of ballast and gravel, and that all flashings and the membrane are completely adhered to prevent air pockets and blistering.

Professional maintenance can extend the life span of your roof significantly, and ensures that no details are missing during inspections. Choose from our maintenance packages to prevent a small, fixable inconvenience from turning into a costly problem.

Winter Maintenance

In the winter months, excessive snow can be a threat to roofing systems due to its weight. For this reason it is vital to continue maintenance during the winter.
This includes:

  • Inspection and removal or ice and snow from drains, access doors and hatches.
  • Removing icicles and overhanging snow because they can weight down and damage the roof and can potentially harm people below if they fall.

Spring and Fall Maintenance

Based on the seasons, a variety of maintenance procedures are carried out.

  • Pooling can deteriorate the roof membrane and cause wet and moulded insulation, so drainage paths are cleared of possibly obstructive debris such as leaves or left over metal objects from construction.
  • Newly sprouted vegetation on the roof can be hazardous in the future as the roots can cause cracks in the caulking and create holes in the membrane. These need to be removed and prevented from growing.
  • Any existing cracks in the caulking or openings along seams need to be sealed, especially around sensitive areas like around screws and pipes to prevent water from seeping into the roofing system.
  • Tiny leaks need to be detected to protect from further damage, with touch ups conducted around pitch pocketed areas around vents, pipes and wires.
  • Waterproof and protective coatings against UV rays and other erosive elements need to be applied to pipelines and in necessary areas across the roof.
  • Sheet metal flashings, vents and drain covers need to be inspected to ensure they are not missing and are in place.