Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is favoured option for commercial and industrial buildings. Today, due to the rise in popularity of other materials metal roofing is on the decline, however many older metal roofs still remain due to their longevity and new ones continue to be installed.

Megapolis metal roofing is installed with watertight and reflective coatings, which increase their life span and minimize your expenses in the long run. Consult a representative today to find out how your commercial or industrial building can benefit from a metal roof or how to protect and preserve your current one.


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We design and install weather proof metal roofs systems for commercial and industrial clients in Toronto.

The Benefits of Metal Roofs

The appeal of metal roofs lies in their durability, energy savings and non-combustible properties. By reflecting the sun and absorbing its heat, metal roof systems prevent the building from heating up as much in the summer months. This allows the owners of commercial and industrial buildings such as plazas, warehouses and office buildings to cut on air conditioning costs by up to 30%.

Protective Coatings

The lifespan of a metal roof can be significantly increased if protective coatings are applied. We highly recommend the following coatings to protect your roof, building and tenants. The sealants we use are water based, LEED approved, environmentally friendly and are made in Canada.

  • SpraySeal R-200 is a spray applied, instant-set, waterproofing protective coating layered directly onto a metal roof. Compared to solvent based coatings, it is an eco-friendly solution with non-toxic ingredients and which requires no heat or open flames upon installation. It works to prevent leaks in vulnerable areas of the roof such as seams, at the fasteners and in rusted spots, thereby increasing the life span of your roof. Formulated to work with metal, Spray Seal R-200 contracts and expands with the roof throughout weather fluctuations ensuring a perfect seal.
  • AcriSeal is a white, reflective coating applied on top of the SpraySeal R-200 layer. In the same fashion, it flexibly contracts and expands with the metal. This additional coat of protection gives a white surface to the metal roof and reflects UV rays, lowering your monthly expenses on air conditioning.

Correct Metal Roof Installation

Being made of metal, there is a possibility of rust if the roof is not installed correctly. Professional roof contractors know how to prevent pooling of water and rust damage by installing the metal roof at an incline. Megapolis Roofing Inc. can give advice on metal roofing options for you, recommend beneficial protective coating options and then carry out a flawless installation ensuring your roof system will last.