Roof Flashing and Siding

Roof Flashing and Siding

At Megapolis Roofing we offer roof top parapet flashing and metal covering in a wide variety of colours. These custom products are made of galvanized pre-painted 26 GA metal, which we engineer and install ourselves.

Our products, such as the metal edge system, cover vulnerable areas of the roof to protect the roof system from the elements and prevent leakage. Our products use concealed splice plates, are durable and reliable, easy to install and add a touch of sophistication to any roof while complying with the ANSI/SPRI ES-1 standard.

The parapet wall cap sits on top of parapet walls commonly found along the borders of flat roofs. Without proper flashing, these areas may allow leaks to seep through into the roofing system. We custom fabricate parapet wall caps to any measurements, from a variety of materials and colours.


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Metal Siding and Flashing Services

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Parapets exist to protect the roof from being blown off the building by pressure differences of air along the roof edges. To prevent staining of the building facade from standing water on top of the parapets, the capping needs to slightly tilt inward towards the roof and have drip edges, and has to have a waterproof membrane under the coping because it always leaks at the joints. To prevent the parapet from getting damaged it is necessary to divide the thermal stress from temperature fluctuation evenly across the roof. This is done through by having the water control layer under the flashing in the form of a water proof membrane, and by having the air, vapour, and thermal control layers connected from the roof to the wall of the building. This prevents the membrane from tearing from shrinkage due to the pressure.

More and more, metal siding is being used in commercial and industrial buildings due to their versatility of design and materials. Metapolis Roofing installs and supplies a wide range of composite architectural panels and commercial metal siding.

We offer the following panel options including interior, insulated, concealed or exposed fastener wall liner which in most cases can be installed both horizontally and vertically:

  • Corrugated Steel siding
  • Vertical Siding
  • Horizontal Siding
  • Modern Metal Siding
  • Rustic Siding
  • Rusted Siding
  • Copper Siding

Whatever the aesthetic of your building is, we have the right metal siding for you. Try a siding option which is taking off among commercial and industrial buildings across the country! Get a consultation with one of our experts to choose which option is right for you.