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Ajax Commercial Flat Roofing Solutions

Megapolis Roofing Inc. is a flat roofing contractor specializing in commercial and industrial flat roofing repairs in Ajax. Year round, we cater to the flat roof needs of owners of warehouses, office buildings, commercial plazas and more. The Canadian seasons can be a handful, with heavy ice weighing down roofs in winter, and leaves, branches and other debris during other seasons. Don’t forget the extreme winds and the summer thunderstorms. Whatever your flat roofing emergency is, you can rely on 24/7 Ajax service from us.

Preventing Flat Roofing Problems

As a property manager or owner of a building we understand the responsibility you carry for your tenants and items within. Often times, flat roofing emergencies can be preventable with the right expertise and care. Ensure the safety of your building’s occupants and save yourself the trouble and expenses of emergency repairs by regularly scheduling flat roof maintenance and seasonal check-ups.


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By calling us today you’ll be on the right track to solving any current roofing problems and taking initiative in preventing future roofing issues from arising. With help from our Ajax roofing experts, your building will benefit from a flat roof assessment, professional recommendations and an exact solution plan. Fill out our online estimate request form to get a quick quote or call us at 416-508-0011 for Ajax flat roofing inquiries.

Implementing the Right Solutions

Depending on your flat roof’s condition, there are several options available. Commercial or industrial flat roofs with minor issues would benefit from maintenance and flat roof repairs. If you have a heavy leak after a rainstorm don’t delay! Our team services Ajax for emergency repairs any day of the year. If the flat roof is too worn and damaged, a flat roof replacement would be the best and possibly less expensive option. We do full tear downs of old roofing systems, replacing them with new, durable materials of your choice.

Choosing the Ideal Material

We provide a range of reliable materials, from traditional, time-tested options to new, innovative roofing alternatives. Our customers will receive expertise on the materials’ properties, what they can expect in terms of maintenance and how they can get the most out of the lifespan. In any case, we have what’s right for your building and your budget.

Once you’ve made your selection, our team will perform a timely, precise and seamless flat roof installation. With Megapolis Roofing Inc. you can rely on quality workmanship, professional service and safe, clean work sites. Our standard is doing the job thoroughly and correctly, with the aim of preventing future repairs and achieving a long lifespan for your flat roof.